Hardware & Upgrades

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Manual Awnings

Manual awnings are found on most travel trailers and some motorhomes. Often damage occurs from weather, travel or user error. When the hardware takes trauma, the function of the awning becomes difficult, it won’t retract properly, deploys slowly, will not stay in place when deployed. There are 2 primary manufactures of RV Manual awning system, Dometic and Carefree. Communicating to us what awning system you have goes a long way to helping us to restore yours back to a useful condition. We carry replacement parts and new appliances for every awning.

Upgrade to 12v electric

Upgrading your manual awning to 12v automated is simple, easy and affordable. We are able to use portions of your existing awning to upgrade your new power awning. The upgrade will change the rafter arms to new power arms. The fabric, and the roller tube will remain the same. The installers will install a switch next to the door so in a single touch, you can roll your awning in and out. The upgrade takes about 2 hours to install. The new hardware carries a 3 year factory warranty. We offer the most reliable, cost effective and user friendly system available.

New Hardware for Manual Awnings

If your RV has no awning at all and you are looking to have a manual awning installed, we can help! Manual functioning awnings are very popular and widely installed by the RV manufactures. Manual awnings are less expensive than the more popular 12v systems, but are durable, reliable and repair is very simple. Subject to size, color and options.

The Benefits of Power Awnings Over Manual Awnings

The choice to graduate from a manual awning to power is easy, it is dependable and affordable. Many of our customers have struggled for years with the manual awning. Frankly there is NOTHING easy about them. Because it is so difficult to use many folks simply do not use them. But a power awning is simple, easy and a breeze to use. Simply push the button located next to the entry door and the awning deploys. When your done enjoying the shade and comfort of your awning your press the button and roll it back to the stored/travel position. How simple is that? Power awnings range in costs depending on size, fabric selection and accessories. If your awning was damaged from weather and the hardware of your power awning had suffered trauma, your insurance company will cover the awning under your comprehensive policy with little or no cost to you.

New Hardware for Power Awning

If you are looking to replace an awning, a power awning is the way to go. We install 12v power systems from Carefree of Colorado, Solera and Dometic. There are a number of options, colors and function choices when it comes to electric awnings. Visit with our customer service team to learn what will work best for your application.

New Hardware for Slideouts

Slide Topper Awnings are a great investment. The not only look great on the RV, they play a critical roll in protecting the top of the slide out. A Slide Cover Awning will prevent leakage of water into the unit from the top of the slide, it will protect the rubber roof from trees, foliage and debris.. In Arizona the slide topper keeps the sun from directly hitting the top of the Slide Room keeping that area nearly 15-20 degrees cooler when it is covered. There are several different types of slide cover awnings available. Different looks, different functions and different pricing.

Projection Awnings

Projection awnings are the top of the line. No arms to obstruct the patio area, extended projection of up to 10′ and the cool refreshing look of the 2 stage awning is in high demand. Both Carefree of Colorado and Girard offer these type of awnings. We offer new installs, replace damaged components, replace fabrics and general maintenance and service for all projection awnings,