Measuring Your Awning

How to Measure Your RV Awning

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Measuring Your Patio Awning

Before you contact us to place an order for your new awning or to replace or repair an existing one, please take an accurate measurement so we know exactly how to handle your project. Measuring your RV’s existing awning is simple; simply take a tape measure and record the total width from the center of your awning’s arm to the center of the other arm. If the measurement is 18’ then you’ll want to place an order for an 18’ awning. It’s that simple!

Measuring Your Omega Awning

Measuring your slideouts is a simple. The measuring is done from flange to flange. You can do this from the ground. The flange is the outer flap that goes around the slideout box. This is always done in inches.

Don’t Forget Your Protective Cover!

If your RV is in the Arizona sun year-round, you need a cover! RV Awning Company offers affordable aluminum covers to protect your awning’s fabric. Because your RV’s awning is an investment, you’ll want to keep it (and your RV) protected with a durable aluminum cover, installed by our professional team. It’s best to add a protective cover when you need a fabric change, because our team can provide a custom assembly to match your current awning hardware. Protect your awning from sun damage, mold and mildew, or damage from the road with aluminum covers from RV Awning Company. A cover can be added to Vinyl or Acrylic fabrics.