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Why RV Awnings are Important

The abundance of Arizona sunshine makes our beloved state a great place to visit or call home, but this same sunshine and heat can cause significant problems for the recreational vehicles we own and operate. Over time, the sun’s UV rays can cause damage to your awning and render it unusable, so it’s important to repair, replace, or install new awnings to keep your property protected from the sun. That’s exactly what we do at RV Awning Company, and we know that our company provides an economical alternative to the big box RV dealers who typically overcharge customers and offer a very limited selection.

Our Company Story

Chester A. Douglass, founder and President of RV Awning Company, grew up in the quiet community of Mishawaka, Indiana. This small town was the heart of the RV business, as it is the headquarters for Holiday Rambler, who first started manufacturing RV’s in the 1940s. Chester spent most of his young life immersed in the RV industry, working in trailer assembly factories and working with many of the smaller companies who support the RV industry. Chester accrued nearly 30 years of industry knowledge before starting RV Awning Company. This extensive experience, combined with our old fashioned customer service, carries our company today. At RV Awning Company, your word means everything, and so does a handshake. We take pride in our work and we’re pleased to help folks find their home away from home and making their RV experience a little easier and more affordable.