Fabric Replacement

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Vinyl Awning Replacement

Like acrylic RV awnings, our line of vinyl awnings provide excellent durability. Vinyl awnings are also waterproof and provide good resistance to mold, mildew, and ultraviolet light from the sun. Commonly found on trailers and coaches, our vinyl awnings feature a fade color system utilizing the primary 5 colors, including camel, charcoal, ocean blue, burgundy, checkered flag, and black. RV Awning Company stocks the very best vinyl fabrics and latest styles, so no matter what you’re looking for in a vinyl RV awning replacement, our team delivers! We’re able to provide onsite replacement for vinyl fabric.

15 oz. Vinyl Fabric Colors

Acrylic Replacement

RV Awning Company offers an upscale, woven fabric acrylic awning by SunBrella. Built for extensive outdoor use, the SunBrella line offers a diverse selection of vibrant colors, including beige, cadet gray, captain navy, green, and linen tweed. All of our acrylic awnings are custom cut and sewn to order, right here in the USA. SunBrella offers a 10-year warranty on all outdoor fabric. Acrylic RV awnings are priced slightly higher than vinyl awnings and provide excellent protection from mildew, mold, and damage from ultraviolet light. We’re able to provide onsite replacement for acrylic awnings .

Standard Acrylic Colors

*Existing awning MUST already have an aluminum cover installed. If it does not, one is required to replace fabric with acrylic fabric.

Aluminum Cover

An aluminum cover is the very best way to protect your awning from the elements. A protective wrap, the aluminum cover is affixed to all of our acrylic fabrics and can be added to any vinyl installation. Most awnings that have acrylic fabric now, also have an aluminum cover. If there is an existing cover we will simply change the fabric and leave the cover in place. New covers come in White, Black and Satin colors New covers up to 21′.