How To Avoid Regular Calls To Mechanics For Scottsdale Mobile RV Awning Repair

Quality awnings are some features you can include in your recreational vehicle for a perfect experience at every recreation site you camp. Awnings offer a suitable shade from the sun in hot summer, giving you an ideal outdoor space for family gatherings and barbeques. They also protect you from snow and rain as you enjoy an excellent outdoor experience even when the weather does not permit it. However, awnings failure and damages may occur when you least expect forcing you to contact your mechanics for Scottsdale mobile RV awning repair. You can limit the likelihood of such a repair issue by following routine maintenance practices. The discussion below outlines the top things you can do to avoid such calls to repair firms.

Wash Your Awning Regularly

It is prudent to wash your awnings after using them for some time to keep them clean. Use a soft brush with water and soap to scrub stubborn stains. Also, you may buy various products available in the market specifically for RV cleaning. However, we advise you to beware of harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach that may wash out the color in the fabric of your awnings. We assess the presence of mildew or mold during RV awning repair service and use appropriate products to clear it. Allow the material to dry before mounting it on your recreational vehicle.

Protect Your Awnings from Strong Winds

Remember to keep your awnings away when strong winds start picking up. The continuous strain from strong winds can severely damage the material and potentially destroy the fabric. High winds can even push the awnings away from the RV completely. We encourage you to retract the awnings to prevent wind damage when not in use. Tuck them safely in their housing when leaving the RV for a long in case of the weather changes while you are away.

Avoid Storing Wet Awnings

Let the awnings dry completely after getting wet from harsh weather before you store them away. Allowing moisture to accumulate on the canopies after Shade Pro awning installation can lead to mold and mildew growth. Such growth can discolor awnings and cause unsightly stains. They also result in an unpleasant smell emanating from fabric if you store it before drying. Moisture also compromises the integrity of the fabric, which forces you to call RV mechanics for emergency repairs.

Invest in Basic Maintenance Accessories and Tools

Consider acquiring essential tools that will make repair and maintenance of the awnings easy. Get some tarp clamps or awning stabilizers that secure the canopy on the RV to resist the impact of harsh winds. You can also add soft bristle brushes to scrub stubborn stains off the fabric. Such maintenance kits will reduce your calls to the mobile RV mechanics as you camp on vacation.