Learn More About Custom RV Awnings

Whether you are on a camping trip or parking your recreational vehicle at home, an awning is essential. The extension protects your car against rain and provides shade during sunny days. You can create extra space for your recreational vehicle. However, you need proper installation, maintenance routine and great repairers for the shade to have a long life span. In this post, you will learn everything about custom RV awnings.

For your RV sunshades to last long, it requires proper care and maintenance. You can rely on our company for proper maintenance. We advise our clients to wash their shades at least twice yearly or more often. Since we offer cleaning services, we are well equipped with all the necessary tools required to get rid of sticky stains without damaging the fabric. We have good brushes that will leave your sun shelter stainless. Cleaning helps to remove dirt stains, leaves and prevents the shade from producing bad smells. Furthermore, during the cleaning period, we inspect the shades. Some of the things checked are the mounting hardware, mechanical parts, arms, caps and locking mechanism.

As a leading firm in the installation and maintenance of sun shelters, we offer quality services. Besides, you can expect customized solutions to make your tour better by protecting your RV. When seeking professional service to either install or repair your shade, we provide value-adding and technical solutions.

Since the shades are left out during sunny and rainy seasons, they are prone to wearing out quickly. However, we use the most quality vinyl fabrics. The material is lighter compared to cotton, durable and water-resistant.

Besides protecting your vehicle, we also ensure that water collected by the shade is directed out correctly. We set pitching angles well rather than making them flat. Rainwater is thus drained at one angle. This is possible since our experts lower one angle where the rainwater is channeled down.